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IMSEC Society

Mandatory Disclosure

NAME & ADDRESS OF THE DIRECTOR Prof. (Dr.) Sraban Mukherjee
IMS Engineering College
Telephone No. 0120-7945555 (fax) 0120-7945577, Email: director@imsec.ac.in
NAME OF THE AFFILIATING UNIVERSITY Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow,
Sector 11, Janki Puram, Vistar Yogna, Lucknow-226031
Telephone No. 0522-2732193, Fax No.- 0522-2732185, Website : www.aktu.ac.in

Board Of Governors

Composition of Board of Governors

S.No Name Nomination Status/Reference
1 Sh. Sanjay Aggarwal
Chairman, IMS Society
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust
2 Sh. Rakesh Chharia
General Secretary, IMS Society
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust
3 Sh. Ramesh Chaudhary
Treasurer, IMS Society
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust
4 Sh. Nitin Agarwal
Management Trustee IMS Society
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust
5 Sh. Pramod Agarwal
Executive Member, IMS Society
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust
6 RO- (Ex-Officio) Kanpur
Nominee of AICTE,
RO (Ex-Officio), Kanpur
7 Nominee deputed by AICTE
Nominee by AICTE
Industrialist/Technologists/Educationist from region nominated by concerned regional committee from a panel approved by Chairman AICTE
8 Nominee deputed by the University
Nominee of the affiliating University i.e.
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow
9 Director of Technical Education, Merut
Nominee of the State Govt. (U.P)
Director of Technical Education, Meerut (Exofficio)
10 Nominee Deputed by State Govt.
Nominee of the State Govt. (U.P)
Industrialist/Technologists/Educationist from the region nominated by State Govt.
11 Prof. Neetu Goel
Professor, IMSEC
Faculty member nominated from Regular staff
12 Mr. Pankaj Goel
Assistant Professor, IMSEC
Faculty member nominated from Regular staff
13 Prof. (Dr.) Sraban Mukherjee
Director, IMSEC
Member Secretary
Nominee of Registered Society/Trust

Frequency of the Board Meetings

As per D. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University/AICTE guidelines. Board meetings are held at least two times during the year and proceedings recorded.

Organizational chart and processes

Enclosed as annexure

Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements

There is full involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs of the college. Various committees consisting of student representatives from each class under the guidance of teachers meet at regular intervals and discuss about the coverage, of course, mutually decide about holding various class tests, need for extra classes in any subject etc. Specific matters are discussed with the Director and remedial measures taken. In case of any direction or help from the affiliating University, the same is also done.

Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance

Every member of the college staff, student, faculty and supporting staff is encouraged to put forward any suggestions for good governance. Various functions including religious Occasions, are celebrated with active participation of staff and students and they are encouraged to put forward their views in a democratic way. At the college level, regular meetings are held.

  1. Between Director and Heads of the Department & Deans
  2. Between Director and faculty
  3. Between Director and management
  4. Heads and faculty
  5. Students & counselors.

Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance

Feedback from the students is taken at least twice during one semester by way of confidential computer feedback form or collecting it through individual meetings, and also through a common suggestion box.

Grievance Redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students

Dean students' welfare takes care of student grievances, discuss matters with the Director and matters resolved. Besides students and faculty can meet the Director any time for redressal of their problems. Management Representatives also meet the students and staff. Administrative office also from time to time invites the students and staff to put their problems, if any.


Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE

  1. B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.
  2. B.Tech. Computer Science & Engg. (I Shift & IISshift)
  3. B.Tech. Information Technology
  4. B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engg.
  5. B.Tech. Mechanical Engg.
  6. B.Tech. Civil Engineering
  7. B.Tech. Biotechnology
  8. M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
  9. M.Tech. VLSI Design
  10. M.Tech Biotechnology
  11. M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  12. MBA

Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE

B.Tech Computer Science & Engg & Mechanical Engineering Branches have been accredited by NBA.

For each Programme the following details are to be given:

Name of Course Shift Intake Duration
B.Tech Computer Science & Engg I SHIFT 180 4 Years
B.Tech Computer Science & Engg II SHIFT 60 4 Years
B.Tech Information Technology I SHIFT 120 4 Years
B.Tech Electronics & Commn. Engg. I SHIFT 120 4 Years
B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engg. I SHIFT 120 4 Years
B.Tech Civil Engineering I SHIFT 60 4 Years
B.Tech Mechanical Engg. I SHIFT 180 4 Years
B.Tech Biotechnology I SHIFT 60 4 Years
M.Tech Computer Science I SHIFT 18 2 Years
M.Tech. VLSI Design I SHIFT 18 2 Years
M.Tech Biotechnology I SHIFT 18 2 Years
M.Tech Mechanical Engineering I SHIFT 18 2 Years
MBA I SHIFT 60 2 Years

Placement Facilities

  1. Dedicated Career Development Centre is available with computers, printers, internet facility and phone for communication.
  2. Auditorium/seminar Rooms (with projector & LCD) for conducting presentations/written test/GD/Interviews.
  3. Hospitality for visiting company executives


Branch wise list faculty members:
Detailed List is available on college website www.imsec.ac.in


Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL (website).

Through Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination(UPSEE) conducted by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
Address: Sector 11, Janki Puram, Vistar Yogna, Lucknow-226031
Website: https://upsee.nic.in/ & www.aktu.ac.in

Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately [AIEEE/CET (State conducted test/University tests)/Association conducted test]

As per AKTU/UPSEE/ State Govt. Notification and guidelines

Information on infrastructure and other resources available

LIBRARY Facility:

No. of title of books 7200
No. of volume of books 75380
Journals 143
E-journals 10186

Computing Facility

Number of PCs 882
Legal System Software 90
Legal Application Software 93
Printers 120
Internet speed in Mbps 185

Details of Instructional/Academic area
Instructional Area for the existing programme(s)

Particulars Course No.of Rooms Area Available in the Institution (Sq.M)
53 3904
22 870
1 192
LIBRARY   2 1290
80 6746
List of facilities available.
Games and Sports Facilities Excellent Facility Available
Extra Curriculum Activities Available
Soft Skill Development Facilities Available including Language Lab
Curricula and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University. Kindly see http://www.uptu.ac.in/
Academic Calendar of the University: Kindly see http://www.uptu.ac.in/
Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place : Yes
Students’ assessment of Faculty, System in place. : Intranet based online system in place


  • M. Tech. (CSE ME, VLSI Design, Biotechnology)
Year of Course Start
MBA 2009
M.TECH (BT & VLSI) 2010
M.TECH (CSE & ME) 2011

Curricula and Syllabi : As provided by the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow

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